increase the population as much as they can. Most of the urban areas are created through urbanization which is the process of a rural area turing into an urban area. For example cutting down a forest to make room for more homes. Some people prefer an urban life because everything is a lot closer together. Also there are alot of jobs in an urban area. For people who struggle to find jobs will usually come to an urban area.

In an urban life there is a large population which means that mostly everyone is a stranger except for your family and close friends. But a rural life is quite the opposite in a rural life the population is alot smaller and people tend to meet each other and become friends very quickly. In the end an urban life ends up being a lot more dangerous than a rural life and alot less crimes get committed in a rural life. Because who would want to commit a crime on their close friend.

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Another difference is that there is a lot more cars passing on the roads because people are a lot busier and everything isn’t in walking distance, but in a rural life the roads aren’t used as much because everything is in walking distance or they might drive but only once in a while. Which means in the rural life the roads are poorly maintained because they don’t need to be fixed as much. After a while the roads begin to get very bad and gravel like. This is why most city people don’t like driving in the country.

and in urban sociology or urban anthropology it contrasts with natural environment. The creation of early predecessors of urban areas during the urban revolution led to the creation of human civilization with modern urban planning, which along with other human activities such as exploitation of natural resources leads to human impact on the environment.