Introduction 1.1 Introduction This chapter is the main part of the study. The study is creating stranded or framework for securing corporate emails data while accessing the facility trough personal mobile phones The chapter continues to state the problem outline the research objectives and research questions, as well as the significance of the study, the scope and the limitations of the study. 1.2 Background of the study Individual Internet use at the working environment is a type of counterproductive behaviour which outcomes are typically viewed as negative. The behaviour ranges from oblivious Internet surfing to individual objective driven non-business related utilization of the Internet. In one overview, it was discovered that employees spent no less than one hour on non-business related exercises amid a consistent work day, particularly utilizing the Internet for individual reasons (Vitak et al., 2011). As per the increasing criticalness of business many employees are demanding for using of their personal mobile phones to access the official mal. By 2015 the number of mobile devices will have grown to over 2 billion worldwide, a 300 increase from 2009 -ABI Research and other interesting information is 38 percent of companies expect to stop providing official devices to workers by 2016. Gartner. ( According to the marketing statics provided by Morgan Stanley research in 2014 usage of mobile phones users are increasing more than the desktop users. By 2016 worldwide shipment of smart phone will reach 480 million and 65 of them will be used for BYOD. Morgan Stanley research The above facts indicates us how impotent and the trend of the usage of mobile devices in IT industry. As well as of the benefits, there are major security issues that will arise, with enabling mobile devices to corporate network. Mobile phones are the weakest link when it comes to security and are prone to attacks. The data leakages can be increased, it also require regular patch updates on their devices otherwise it will exploit vulnerabilities. There can be possibility of mixing personal and business data. The biggest risk in devices is lost or stolen. Over half of security breaches occur when devices are stolen, and BYOD requires making modifications to the current IT infrastructure so that its BYOD compliant. Considering above to the above facts and findings, we need to find proper solution for providing access to the official / corporate mails trough personal mobile devices. 1.3 Problem statement There are many applications give the users for mobile access such as smartphones, personal digital assistants (PDAs), GPS navigation and the internet. Though, smartphone security has not kept pace with traditional computer security. Technical security measures, such as antivirus, firewalls, and encryption, are unusual on mobile phones, and mobile phone operating systems are not updated as regularly as those on personal computers. There are various smartphone users do not recognize these security shortcomings. Various users fail to enable the security software that comes with their phones, and they trust that surfing the internet on their phones is as safe as or safer than surfing on their computers. Meanwhile, mobile phones are becoming more and more valuable as targets for attack. People are using smartphones for an increasing number of activities and often store sensitive data, such as email, calendars, contact information, and passwords, on the devices. Mobile applications for social networking keep a wealth of personal information. Recent innovations in mobile commerce have enabled users to conduct many transactions from their smartphone, such as purchasing goods and applications over wireless networks, redeeming coupons and tickets, banking, processing point-of-sale payments, and even paying at cash registers. At the moment, mobile phones are winding up increasingly profitable as focuses for assault. Individuals are utilizing mobile phones for an expanding number of exercises and frequently store touchy information, for example, email, schedules, contact data, and passwords, on the gadgets. Mobile applications for long range informal communication keep an abundance of individual data. Late developments in mobile applications have empowered clients to lead numerous exchanges from their mobile phone, for example, acquiring merchandise and applications over remote systems, reclaiming coupons and tickets, managing an account, handling purpose of-offer installments, and notwithstanding paying at money registers. In order to consider the above concern, the organization in Sri Lanka still there is problem faced by the security of corporate mails while using through the mobile phones. Due to the recent survey in Sri Lanka shows that, banking industry in Sri Lanka face more problems to maintain the security for the corporate mails. 1.4 Purpose of the study The main purpose of this study is to creating stranded or framework for securing corporate emails data while accessing the facility trough personal mobile phones. Based on this purpose, the study is willing to investigate the individual and the situational factors that make impact on usage off corporate emails data using through personal mobile phones. 1.5 Research question The main research question is, what are the impacts getting through when create the stranded or framework for securing corporate emails data while accessing the facility trough personal mobile phones 1.6 Objectives of the study The following objectives will be achieved in this research study. Identifying the existing stranded with regard to using personal mobile phones for access official mail. Identify the mobile phone platform of IOS, android and Windows and existing security features which can be used for above mention process. Identifying the security threats of enabling BYOD (mobile phone). Find the solutions security issues which are raised form mobile phone OS platform and the other related threats. Create the structured stranded to increase the security for using personal mobile phone to access the official/corporate mails, device security OS security implementation log on security Secure configuration of mail software lost or stolen device management Employee resign management 1.6 Significance of the study The study gives the main important for the working place. While the employees using the corporate mails, there are in security environment. Therefore, the study reveals that how to overcome the problem to provide the suitable solution to secure the corporate mails while accessing the facility trough personal mobile phones. 1.7 Limitations of the study The term securing corporate emails can be specified to be a very wide and difficult construct. Accordingly, it is not possible to cover all of its aspects in this research. Due to this fact, it was decided to focus on one specific area is selected namely banking industry in Sri Lanka. To find the securing corporate emails data while accessing the facility trough personal mobile phones has never been easy. The key obstacle to valid data gathering in banks, is based on securing corporate mails and the participants of the study is limited. Also when find the secondary sources there are limitation. This study is the new concept, therefore lack of data available on the books, journals, articles and websites. QrQOKcs
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