The interrelationship between economic progress, environmental management and individual well being is a complicated progress, effecting both the quality and sustainability of society in which we live. As educators and scientist, there is a need to follow this example by keeping in mind the larger view to keep improve the overall health of society in which we live.
Sustainable growth and globalization.
Environmental pollution.
Bioethics and poverty.
Organization performance and sustainability.
Human progress and environmental management.
Ecosystems and environmental health.
Water treatment and material.

Sustainable growth and globalization:
Extreme poverty still effects the lives of one out of every five persons in the developing world soil degradation from corrosion and poor irrigation practice continue to harm agriculture lands jeopardizing production without a transition to more resources efficient and less polluting forming methods.

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Environmental pollution, bioethics and poverty:
The sources of poverty are due to inefficient allocation of natural resources, capital, labor and time underutilization of resources and inequitable distribution of incomes. When we talk about the environmental pollution, and its impact on our health. Any displace that deals with the study of human beings has had something to contribute to ethics of life. Its scope also includes the public and sanitary policies.

Organizational performance and sustainability:
Environmental sustainable economies some scholars perceive sustainable development as a north-south, south –south, and north-north environmental discourse.

Human progress and environmental management:
How do we make sustainability a commitment rather than just a compliance cost? Building sustainable firms and organisms requires a commitment to people development. Staff development programs can only be successful if organisms have a clear sense of their place in it. Organisms have been evaluated not only for their performance on the bottom line but also for their behavior as worldwide corporate citizens. Global corporate scandals of high profile organization like enrobe corp. Emotions are important part of human life. They influence how we think, adapt, learn, behave and communicate with each other. The question is not weather intelligent machines can have any emotions.

Ecosystem and environmental health:
Mankind is living in ecosystem that can be recognized at many different levels ranging from for example, a small forest to the entire globe. Natural ecological system is dynamically stabilized based on balanced inputs and outputs. A research word assessed atmospheric pollution, its effects on humans and their environment, and also perspectives towards their control. They also assessed pesticides, their persistence in environment, the direct effect on human health and the toxicological aspects of water pollution; and food borne diseases. Understanding of these issues may help scientists, decision makers and the public to make positive modifications in their behavior that may add to the development of a sustainable environment.

Water treatment and material recycling:
The field of water disposal is new. It was only in 1965 in USA, for example, that the first federal legislation was enacted directly approach the waste problem. As such, the country is the only now starting to come to terms with the amount of waste it produces.
Recycled products have thus emerged as a viable alternative to virgin materials in the highway construction sector.
As natural resources start to dwindle and landfill space gets filled up, the importance of proper waste reduction and management system increases. The use of waste by-products as a replacement for virgin materials could provide relief for some of the burden associated with disposal and may provide a cost effective construction product exhibiting all the properties of virgin products.

Economic development:
It the growth of the standard of living of a nations people from low-income economy. When the local quality of life is improved, there is more economic development.