Invitable in the after-math of an abortion, the mother will experience a sudden pummit and downfall in mental health. She is likely to become emotional, fragile, weak and unstable. Mental illness’ of a post-traumatic stress disorder or even a specific post-abortion traumatic disorder are potential repercussions of the understanding of a mother who now knows the process she put her own child through. The damage is done and she feels the guilt when there is no going back. Women who come to reality of their actions are said to have felt guilty of the murder she allowed to be commited. Following her regret, statistics show unsurprising stats that over 70% report depressional feelings of lonliness, and separation from society. Over 30% can experience anxiety. Over 50% of mothers will or will consider increased drugs and alcohol leading to addiction. Around 45 % attempted or experience suicidal thoughts. Problematic symptoms post-abortion include depression, suicide, and anxiety. Help and recovery such as reconciliation is always available to ease the pain of suffering from the choice they are in control of. If abortion law were altered back to square one and be illegal, women would have greater difficulty in achieving an abortion. Without the abortion, traumatic after-effects would not exist which would aid the government in mental health control.