It is important when learning takes place in a social environment it is imperative to create a positive atmosphere with everyone attending to feel at ease in an environment where the learners feel safe to express their own opinions. In todays society students come from all different backgrounds, cultures, experiences and needs. It is important to establish ground rules to avoid any unrespectful behaviour or any kind of discrimination. Teaching respect and appropriate behaviour within a learning environment will also travel with them in later life.
When working with scholars at the football academy I would use a contract which laid out ground rules of what is expected of them and what would happen if they breached they contract conditions. Each player would have to read this first and then sign this. An example of some of the conditions that would be in the contract would be no toleration of discrimination, always arrive on time to training and lessons, attend every lesson and respect your fellow scholars. Failure to comply with these conditions would result in disciplinary action taken by the staff or by local authorities depending on serious the incident is. Also, being a good role model can also promote appropriate behaviour and respect. As the teacher the students will be looking up to you so it is key to lead by example and give of the right impression on how respect people. Simple ways of doing this can be being polite, showing respect and demonstrating behaviour we want learners to show. By doing this it will create a safe and relaxed environment in which the students can focus and participate more.