It is true without indomitable will and intrepid daring success is impossible. If you have a dream, and you fail to turn that dream into reality, you won’t know what success is. Success actually is the good power that can turn any dream into reality. The famous American statesman, Colin Powell says, “Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.”
All successes originate in mind. First of all it makes its presence felt in the form of a vision, idea, inspiration, or a dream. Turning the mental concept into tangible reality requires a long effort and perseverance. The entire course that leads to successful realization of one’s dream is ridden with obstacles, discouragements, failures, and setbacks. The person who wishes to be successful and is discouraged by failures can never ever taste the manna of success. The truth is our failures our stepping stones by whose medium we reach success.
All great personalities and personages, who have left indelible prints of their lives on the sands of eternity, are the men and women who converted their failures into success. The list is endless: Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Helen Keller, Mahatma Gandhi, and so on.
All the above mentioned names share one common thing; they were not quitters; they were winners. They faced myriads of obstacles and hindrances without compromising with their vision and mission. They were ready to face as many failures as were required in order to be successful.
So, dare and continue chasing your dreams until they become realities.