It was a beautiful sunny day with the torrid heat of the afternoon, that my cousin (Allen) was with me. I haven’t seen him in about 4 months so I was really excited to meet up with him again. The only time I usually got to see him was when I was playing online games with him.
“Hey Allen, want to go to the pool and chill out there?” I asked him.
“Sure, it sure is a hot day out here. Oh boy, it will be a fun time.” He replied with a grin.
We just walking down to our neighborhood pool when I saw from the corner of my eye, I saw a snow cone stand. Man, it would go perfect with the pool and this kind of weather.
“Allen, want a snow cone? It’s delicious for sure!” I suggested.
“Man, that would be good!” Allen said.
So we took a detour to the snow cone stand and bought two medium sized cones. It was tasty, and it made me even more excited to go swimming. We ate them on the last leg of the trip to the pool and even before it melted, we finish it. I might had a brain freeze, but it didn’t bother me because I was so overwhelmed by the glory of the pool. I quickly changed in my swim trunks and got ready for the pool. I was testing out how could the water was when Allen played a sneaky trick on me.
“Hey Justin, what’s over there?” Allen chuckled when he asked.
“Those? Those are geeses. What is so cool about them?” I retorted.
I still remember this clearly from today, Allen had dropped kicked me and I was flying through the air.
“Woah, Ahhhhhhh!” As I fell in the pool. This sly kid had just embarrassed me through off of these people in the pool. I knew I had to do something to get him back.
“You ok, Justin. That looked like that hurt.” Allen giggled. I knew I had to get him back.
He was going down the pool’s deep end with the diving board. He was going to do a backflip. Wow what a show off, first he embarrassed me then he makes himself look cool. Before he did the backflip, I ran up and push him in, as a joke, but he came up and thought to himself, “Let me do something.” He started to go up the ladder, and slowly creeping up on me. That day, I still remember that very clearly. He got super close to me, and I bolted, and he chased after me like a cheetah trying to catch his prey.
I ran for my life, and he was catching up fast. But we were at the pool, and I saw a big puddle of water in my path and I tried to jump over it, but I tripped and fell. My chine hit the ground with a lot of force, that it made a big bruise, and even scrapped it. Now blood was pouring out.
¨Allen? Help! Owwwwww!” I screamed.
¨Can someone call an ambulance, we need help.¨ Allen called for help.
I was unconscious for about 5 minutes, and I was lifted into an ambulance and was sent to a nearby small doctor. It was a pain getting out of the bed was tremendous. But at the end, I didn’t break or crack my chin. Still, it ruined the perfect day at the pool. I will remember this moment that is very precious to me, because I realized to know the consequences of everything before to you do anything.