Group Assignment (Case Study)
Connecting alone: Smartphone use, quality of social interactions and well -being

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COURSE : Organization Behavior
CODE : GT 00403
SEM : Sem ester 1, Session 2018/2019
SL OT : 8.00 am – 10.00 am, Monday
DATE : 12 /11 /2018

Name Matrix No. HP No.
Ang Ying Fong BG17160489 01110646882
Lee Yu Fang BG17160483 0163671691
Rainei Chee Xiu Ying BG17160558 01110503291

Identification of the main issues
Smartphone are playing important role around the world. Smartphone will change personal
computer because it has the complete functions then personal computer has. Moreover ,
smartphon es will become the single most vital digital device we own. (Essays, UK. (November
2013). The Importance of Smartphones. Retrieved from -technology/the -importance -of-smartphone –
information -technology -essay.php?vref=1)
Based on the case study that we have investigate, we agree that this case study provide
a main key issue which is the intrusiveness of the smartphone reduces the quality of social
interactions and well -being. In this advanced technologies, the mankind of smartphone are a
small tool that people often use in their daily lives. The advent of the smartphone has changed
directly the way that we access information, allocate time and interact with friends, family and
others. These changes have affect the important behavioral and social implicati ons where occur
in our daily life. Although based on our case study, the smartphone have bring a lot of
advantage and make easy in our work, study and life, but a little of harm and disadvantage can
lead the advantage include of benefits becomes less obvio us. Therefore, the smartphone not
only bring the people advantage, disadvantage also will affect the smartphone user. This case
study showed that, the smartphone have affect the quality of social interaction and well -being in
our daily life.
Smart phone ar e enables employees spend all or part of their time working off -site such
as employee are telecommuting. W e can get e ffective c ommunication with employees acts as a
building block of successful organization. In other words , w e can say that communication is
organizational blood. (Prachi Juneja (2018, Feb 25). Management Study Guide Content Team.
Retrieved from -of-communication.htm) . This is
an example talk about the effect of the employee who rely on use the smartp hone. Smartphone
will help them have flexible work arrangements because enabled employees to stay connected
to work while being away from the office. The flexible arrangements help the workers ability to
reconcile their work and non -work activities. There are some telecommuting benefits to
organizations which is reduced absenteeism and turnover and reduction in indirect expenses for
facilities. There are also some downside considerations which are employees miss the
workplace social interaction, employees l ack self -control or discipline and difficulties arise in
coordinating in -face meetings. So, not only that this case study argued the smartphone is
reduced the quality of social interaction, in the textbook of organization behavior also show out
this statem ent. We agree that the smartphone is affected the individual’s interactions nowadays.
In this case study tested the hypothesis in a large sample of Italian individuals. They
tested who used smartphone really affect the relationship with their closer frien ds and well -being.
The results finding the smartphone user are negatively affect s the quality of time spent with
friends and satisfaction with friends. We focus on analysis and discuss in detail the key issues
on this case study, actually talk about the pr oblem related the smartphone affect the quality of
social interaction and well -being. We also take some recommendation of solutions for dealing
with the key issue which is the intrusiveness of smartphone affect the quality of social
interaction and well -be ing based on our opinion.

Analysis and evaluation of the issues/problems
Problems in this case is quality of social interactions and well -being became low when presence
of the smartphone. This is because smartphone can affect individuals’ relational life, and
excessive use of smartphone can lead to addiction and decreased capacity to enjoy leisure.
Nowadays, smartphone have a negative influence on relationship between family,
friends or couple. Dr. Flores said that when children obtain attention from their parents, they will
feel loved. (Maggie Fox . (2018, Sep 18). Comments about child abuse changed minds on
migrant kids . Retrieved from -news/comments -about –
child -abuse -changed -minds -border -kids -experts -say -n910401 ). But the worse thing is when
parents are physically present, but their attention is on the smartphone . This will make children
think that they are not an important part of their parent’s lives. Moreover, smartphone can take a
toll on friendships. Smartphone will affect quality of social interactions in friendship because
many of us have convinced ourselve s that our push notifications are more important than who
or what is around us. Romantic relationships will also be affected by smartphones. For example,
we will unconscious neglect the partner who are we speaking to when we are using the
smartphone and ma ke communication less, it makes love faded. All these problem shows that
presence of smartphone affects the quality of face -to-face interactions, due to its high degree of
intrusiveness. Face -to-face interactions should be have a high media richness which is ability of
media to carry nonverbal cues, provide rapid feedback, convey personality, and support natural
language use, but because of the smartphone intervention makes it communication not effective
as before.
We can see people in today’s society use the smartphone anytime whether it is
necessary or unnecessary. This has made them addicted gradually. Some reason smartphone
can lead to addiction is someone who likes to boast about how many “likes” a social media post
of theirs received or someone expect us to be online so it encourage our always focus on
smartphone’s notifications. Over time, we addicted indirectly. Smartphone lead to addiction
contribute to sleep problems in our lives. Based on Business Insider p reviously reported,
research has found that using smartphone before bed can make it hard to sleep due to the blue
light it emits. It not good for our mental and physical health, it lead to depression and anxiety.
For example, information from researchers w ho studied college students, the more they used
Facebook, the more their well -being decreased. (Natalia Lusinski. (2018, June 7). 12 ways your
smartphone is making your life worse. Business Insider US. Retrieved from -ways -your -smartphone -is-making -your -life -worse -2018 –
6/?r=US;IR=T). Besides, social media content also distracts us from our attention.
We can use our leisure time to do a lot of good things. Nowadays, many of us use the
smartphone all the time and no capacity to enjoy their leisure time to do what they want to do.
Some people think that playing games, viewing social media such as Facebook, Instagram and
chatting using smartphone is their ways to enjoy leisure time. But they have ignored more
activities that ben efit them. For example, reading for improve our mind and doing exercise to
maintain body health. These activities can improve our quality of life and relax. We can get more
happiness from different activities than play smartphone.

Recommendation of solutio ns
Based on the case study that we have study, we found that although smartphone have bring a
lot of benefits to our daily life but we also realize that smartphone have affect the quality of
social interaction and well -being nowadays.
This is because smart phone have it portability and connectivity power in order to reduce
the quality of face -to-face social interaction. Although smartphone can connect with person
through video call or phone call in different place, but this will reduces the chance to have a
social interaction for face -to-face communicate. A communicate is important in our life instinct of
social life. As Brian Grazer found, good communication makes organizations successful.
Communication is powerful: no group or organization can exist without sharing meaning among
its members. (Brian Grazer. (2016, April 26) A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life. US.
America: Simon and Schuster.) Through smartphone, people can share their idea and
communicate as well as they can, but come in real face -to-face communicate, people have no
idea in talking and they are getting trouble in communicate, this problems have happened in our
daily life nowadays. This shows that smartphone have bring the negative interaction between
smartphone use and time spent with friends is qualitatively and quantitatively robust to the use
of an alternative indicator of time spent with friends.
We do not deny the benefits of smartphone to us, but people nowadays is not rely on
smartphone but is addicts on using smartphone. For ex ample, young generation today always
play online game or watching drama in days without having foods and rest. This is why there
were happened some cases about people over playing phone and die in days. Besides, there
are also happened children accidentall y died because of the parents were too addicted to the
smartphone. Since smartphone have affect all generation nowadays, we suggests that we can
promote the benefits and time management about smartphone through education and social
In our opinion, a successful education is not a person having a good result but have no
ideas of their life, but is a person can learn how to manage their own life by go through the
education, this is a successful education. Therefore, by mention the benefit of using smar tphone
and the harm of over using smartphone with bad time management, this can affect or decrease
the chance of social by face -to-face. Over using smartphone also affect a person lifestyle and
will lower down their healthy lifestyle direct and indirectly. There are also happened some cases
about people over looking and playing the phone and finally reduce their vision and eventually
lead to blindness. Although there are some incident happened because of parental negligence
but parents also play an importan t role in daily life. Parts of the parent nowadays will let their
child playing phone in order to let their children well -behaved and do not make noise in public,
this will give chance children contact the smartphone early and easily let them addict. As
pa rents, they should know the worst and the effect of over playing phone. Therefore, parents
have plays an important role in teaching their children and become a role model to kids.
Since nowadays all generation have using smartphone in daily, we can use th is
opportunity by having advertisement online or advertising slogan through social media. For
example, we can promote the effect and disease for people who over playing phone in

Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. In the other hand, we also can share the posts like tips for
playing smartphone or the ways of lowering the chance for getting myopia. People can get
knowledge when playing phone and this also can give benefits to others when you click a
“share”. We also can create some special advertisement in simple way like video and let the
children kwon when they are watching Youtube. Using smartphone is easy as ABC to children
since nowadays parents always give their child playing games and watching cartoon through
online in order to catching their attention and do not give parents trouble indirectly.

Smartphone brings a lot of advantages. By using smartphone you can receive, read or reply
emails from the palm of the hand. Whether you are in line at the post office, waiting at the
airport, hiking in the hills or at home watching sports on TV, you will not missed an email or a
phone call from the person around us. For example, we can easy to contact people, search
information and provide directions through GPS. However, the intrusiveness of the smartph one
has affects our face -to-face interactions and well -being in our daily life. It affects relationship
between time spent with friends, parents and well -being can be attributed not only to a pure
fragmentation effect but also to a specific adverse effect on the quality of face -to-face
The methods used in this case study are tested for relationship between time spent with
friends on subjective well -being for those who use smartphone. The specification to find the
subjective well -being of indi viduals just showed the data like the evidence want the people to
believe this data. Based on the key issue in this case study, we also find some recommendation
of solution which is have a good communication to increase the social interaction instead of
pe ople who rely on the smartphone. As well as keeping connected the phone with favorite social,
the smartphone will enable us to search engines on the move, online shopping and bring all the
latest news and sports neither you interest or not interest came in to your hand. Wherever you
happen to be, if it is online, it will be in the pocket.
We can conclude that the face -to-face interactions have a high media richness of
various managerial communications if smartphone is absent. Because the smartphone easy to
attract people ‘s attention. Even the smartphone offer a convenient alternative to face -to-face
conversations, and at the same time smartphone but into our chats directly, but there is a
growing realization that they may be killing the art of conversation in directly. In a good
conversation, the words we say are only one small part of the meaning that we convey, there is
also body language, tone of voice and facial expression, said by Dr. James Roberts. (Dr. James
Roberts (2018, July 26). Too Much of a Good Th ing: Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone?
Retrieved from -smartphones -really -killing -the -art -of-
conversation/). Therefore, face -to face interactions can let us transmission the information from
one person to another to create shared understanding and feeling clearly compare with media
of smartphone. Smartphones are a useful barrier for avoiding small talk, but it influence is
expanding well beyond the train or the bus stop.

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