Law and arrangement of execution of law developed with the development of progress. The Greeks had built up their own laws. The Romans, who appreciated the Greeks, consolidated a few parts of Greek law into their first law code, ‘The Ten Tables’. The Ten Tables turned into the premise of Roman law and, with the extension of the Roman Domain, parts of Roman law spread to the territories of the Realm that included Europe, parts of Africa and West Asia. Under Head Justinian, the Roman law was again arranged. Code of Justinian was a piece of medieval legitimate examinations in most western colleges. At the point when Rome fell and new states developed in their places, Roman impact and Roman law couldn’t be abstained from. At the point when these European countries became solid and set up their colones in Africa, Asia and America, their arrangement of organization (that incorporated their legitimate framework) spread to these colones. In this way the arrangement of law that developed in Asia and Africa had the impact of European law that itself was affected by Roman and Greek laws. Thus it is said that the Romans are the law suppliers of the world. Greece additionally comes into the photo as early Roman law was especially affected by Greek laws.