Logan Davenport
September 24, 2018
Period 5
Open Borders
The debate between open and closed borders can be seen as an undoubted controversial debate. With the amount of people that would vote for open borders and the amount for closed, strikes a split in the U.S. economy. The borders between U.S. and Mexico, should indeed be an open border because expenditure on immigration enforcement would shrink to nothing, the world would have kinship and friend ship networks spread across the world, the absolute poverty will reduce dramatically. Here will give a meaningful reason of why the borders should be open.
If the borders between the two countries were open, the amount of money that would have to be spent on walls, fences, screening at airports, detention centers, etc. would be as of nothing. This meaning we have more money for what ever needs we would have. As well as be able to hire more people for more jobs with the amount of people we would have increased into this vast nation. “The idea of open borders presupposes that immigration is a human right, but it is actually a privilege granted by a host country.”(thehill.com) According to what is being said there is that the government or nation of the U.S. and Mexico get to pick and choose who is allowed access of whichever country an immigrant is trying to reach. With this being said, this leaves out more trade for investors, increased poverty, more and more people succumbing to be more and more poor each year, and is hurting the economy.
With open borders, it was said that, if we had open borders, the global economy could possibly double in size, which would lead to more money for schools, hospitals, law enforcement officers, etc.