Mandated Reporter Statute
Mandated Reporter Statute
Maryland Mandated Reporter Statute
The mandated reporter statute requires that individuals with access to children to report any abuse or neglect to the law enforcement authorities (Northouse, 2016). This is supposed to be done by the mandated reporters. The mandated reporters should report these actions if they suspect that the child is facing abuse at home (Northouse, 2016). This also can be done by any other individuals who may include physicians, teachers, or administrators after suspecting any form of abuse or neglect to the children (Northouse, 2016).
The Maryland Child Abuse Laws requires anyone with reason to believe that a child is facing abuse to report immediately to the appropriate authorities (Maryland Department of Health, 2018). The law requires any suspicion on the child’s physical, emotional, and mental health to be reported even if there is no enough evidence (Maryland Department of Health, 2018). The statute excludes accidents or a reasonable discipline process by the parents of the child. The Maryland Child Protective Services (MCPS) is mandated to carry out investigations regarding any reported cases to ascertain any degree and the context of the issue. This is done by assessing and evaluating the child and if foul play is identified, the authority implements strategies to protect the child (Maryland Department of Health, 2018).
The steps in reporting a mandated reporter issue is to report immediately any suspicion within 48 hours where the MCPS will take next action of performing an investigation then report to law enforcement agencies to perform legal action (Maryland Department of Health, 2018). A mandated reporter scenario can include a healthcare practitioner who is treating a child after the child fainted during a disciplining process. The health care practitioner is supposed to alert the Social Services Administration of the department or any other law enforcement agency (Maryland Department of Health, 2018).

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