Maternity leave is very often is not taken seriously by others. It is probably because for some people who don’t have any experience in giving birth they will not think that maternity leave is important. The reason why maternity leave is beneficiary to employees is because it will help them to have enough rest before going back to work. We all know that giving birth and also to take care of new baby is not easy especially new parenting. Therefore, Delta Airlines offer a much longer maternity leave for a mother to rest and adapt them self to new environment. So because of that Delta Air lines should give more or longer maternity leave for their employees. Other than that, Delta Air lines also provide paternity leave longer than that has been applicable before. The father is needed to help his wife as her movements are limited after birth giving. Furthermore, Delta Air Lines can change the number of the maternity and paternity leaves based on the condition of the mother and child.
5.2 Work life balance benefit
There is benefit that we apply to our company which is work life balance by number which is the number leave that the company give to the employed and work life balance program such as medical facilities, annual fitness events and onsite amenities. Actually work-life balance is one of the important aspects of a healthy work lifestyle. Maintaining work-life balance can helps to reduce stress and helps prevent burnout in the workplace. A recent Gallup study of nearly 7,500 full-time employees found that 23 percent of employees reported feeling burned out at work very often or always, while an additional 44 percent reported feeling burned out sometimes. So through this benefit we can reduce the number of people that burnout at the workplace.
More than that, this benefit has satisfaction employed more which is 90 percent of employees say Delta Air Lines is great workplace. This benefit also can attract the new employees to join the company. This is because work life balance program has provided many facilities to employee to fill up their free time. Discount ticket also can attract the new employees that love to travel around.
Actually we’re applying the benefit to reduce stress, fill up they free time and to attract our new employees. Next, the company can improve their benefits which they can add the sleeping pod to provide the employees a place to rest their mine for a while in the workplace like google company. In conclusion, actually the work life balance is one of the good benefits that effective to attract employees to work in our company.
5.3 Employee discount benefit
5.4 Formal recognition incentive
It is an item given to an individual or team in recognition of a specific accomplishment as a form of recognition that is length-of service recognition is the most common employee award. Award, rewards and incentives each play an important role in a total rewards or total recognition program. This reward at Delta typically occurs as formally designed program. All active Delta employees in good standing are eligible for corporate wide recognition and reward program such as service rewards and other formal program.
Service recognition at Delta Air Lines provides an opportunity to celebrate significant service milestones. Service Recognition begins at one year of services and is celebrated in five years increments thereafter. Every effort is made to personalize the experience and engage management and leadership in process of giving the award in years one, five ten and fifteen, customized lapel pins are given to recipients but each of the anniversary year pin is different along with a personalized note signed by the CEO. The pins are sent to the designated station contact where they are given to the recipient’s manager to award. At the twenty year mark and forty year mark, recipients receive lapel pins and are eligible to select a gift from an award assortment. Additional celebration is at each manager’s discretion.