Method study the efficient account and basic examination of getting things done with the end goal to make change. Work study as a process of doing work analysis incorporate determination of agent positions and occupations to be investigated. This might be vital when there are numerous representatives in a solitary employment and when various comparative occupations are to be dissected, in light of the fact that it would be excessively tedious, making it impossible to investigate each position and occupation. Pareto analysis ought to be utilized to organize the obligations and duties of the workers. The analyst should utilize a Gantt chart to timetable and gauge the time expected to play out the study. By utilizing Observation, poll, meeting and writing ponders as the principle system to accumulate realities about the activity. The specialist will acquire more top to bottom data about the activity. While watching representatives, utilize the Process chart, a graphical introduction of the grouping of all exercises occurring in a process. Every one of the insights about the current method and process are recorded and spoken to in chart. The chronicle of the actualities about the activity and task in a process chart is finished utilizing the accompanying standard image: