Milk is one of the main ingredients in the production of milk chocolate and white chocolate. Milk products are complex materials containing proteins, lactose, fat and emulsifiers. Milk ingredients are critical in delivering the desired properties and sensory profile (taste, texture) to consumers. They have a significant effect on chocolate processing, particularly processing behaviour of the molten chocolate mass e.g. flow properties (Haylock and Dodds, 2009).
Milk chocolate is the most popular type of chocolate and more milk chocolate is bought rather than dark and white chocolate in most countries of the world. It should be considered that different forms of milk should be used in combination with cocoa and sugar to produce milk chocolate and white chocolate (Haylock and Dodds, 2009; Beckett, 2008). Milk can be dried to make different powders. Skim milk powder and full cream milk powder are the most common milk powders used for chocolate manufacturing. These two powders have different flavours, textures and liquid flow properties due to different heat treatments during the drying, and also due to the different state of the fat.