Motivation is the most important matter for every rehabilitation center. For the success of any rehabilitation center motivation play an important role. All rehabilitation centers encounter the matter of motivation. According to Sharma (2012), basically motivation word is derived from “Motive”. The meaning of motive” is needs, wants, and the desire of the persons. So that “employees motivation mean the process in which rehabilitation center inspiring our employee with the shape of rewards, bonus etc. for achieving the rehabilitation center goals.
According to Iqbal et al (2012), employee’s motivation and their ability collectively participate into rehabilitation center’s performance and in their difficult tasks given by the manger are to purpose get maximum productivity. Now a day’s researcher have more concerned with increase productivity, perfection and working ability. Rehabilitation center’s needs and wants having more important in research history. Motivation is the one of the most important term of psychology and most of mangers who wants maximum output and productivity. They tackle this is with a good way and motivate their employee in batter way. And also increase the cooperation between employee and mangers, it also encourage their responsibilities. And also encourage participation their sub ordinates, to take their responsibilities in better way and also help to overseas other employee and monitor their performance. And motivate get their maximum interaction toward work and knowing rehabilitation center’s working capacity and assign work according to their capacity to get maximum productivity.
Today rehabilitation center can easily change their material, needs, goods and services to other rehabilitation center, or to other countries. But the only one resource which is not easily exchangeable is human resources. So we can say that human resources are the very important or most competitive assets of any rehabilitation center that cannot be exchangeable. Human resources or human assets mean the workers or the employee of any rehabilitation center. So the motivation is main factor that affect the human resources of the rehabilitation center. The rehabilitation center should be motivating their employees for the best performance or for achieving the rehabilitation center goals. In fact motivation is the best tool for best performance. Today there are many discussions about motivation and the relationship of employee’s efficiency and the rehabilitation center efficiencies. Motivation will lead to the fact that workers or employees of the rehabilitation center will seriously do his duties and responsibilities (Shafighi, 2013). Attractive Salaries or pays also a Valuable tool and play an important role to increase employee’s performance and also increase the productivity of a rehabilitation center (MUOGBO U.S, 2013).
Employee motivation play important role in the customer perception about the rehabilitation center. Rehabilitation center spend huge amount of money to gain customer loyalty but they forget the employee’s motivation. A customer interacts with the employees and also carries out rehabilitation center image in their mind through the behavior and attitude. So rehabilitation center should be moving their attention toward the employee motivation. Now the era of globalization companies face competition in the market, if rehabilitation center could not successfully motivate their employee. Rehabilitation center didn’t exist in competitive environment of business (Ahmad, 2012)