Mukherjee Desirable Daughters ,a 2002 novel by New York Indian author Bharati Mukherjee ,tells the story of three sisters as they notice their terribly completely different methods in life .it uses autobiographical parts to explore the south Asian migratory expertise .Born triumph works of fiction and prose ,as well as The middle man and alternative stories ,The Tigers female off spring ,and also the memoir days and Nights in metropolis. Her work usually treated themes of post colonialism and migratory narratives . The novel opens with a back-story : a myth tinged family legend a couple of “Tree bride”, town Late, associate relation of the novel’s main character living in an exceedingly Bengali village . she is to be a standard kid bride in associate organized wedding however simply before the ceremony ,the groom is bitten by a venomous snake and dies , even supposing each families had properly adored the snake god to avoid tragedy. The bridegroom’s father involves claim his share of the dower even supposing the wedding has not taken place. The bride’s father refuses to offer it to him. But, because the talker says, in Hinduism the sole manner for a girl to achieve nirvana is thru the worship of her husband. This implies that associate unmarried girl is each a social outcast and unable to be reincarnated. To save lots of his female offspring during this life and also the next, town lama’s father symbolically marries her to a tree. This is often thought of an improved fate for her than remaining unmarried. The story shifts to contemporary san Francisco. Town Bhattacharjee, named “Hungarian Buddhist y yoga instructor/contractor.” Divorce is extraordinary in Tara’s Indian migratory community , thus hers has become associate secret, one thing everybody is aware of regarding however that nobody ever talks regarding. She is pleased with Andy as she was not together with her husband, who saw love as interchangeable standing and honor. Tara refuses to envision herself as foreign, as something however Newyork. She is ready to outline herself through what she is not, however struggles to spot what and who she is. She describes herself as feeling invisible, but to her, this invisibleness is releasing. She differs f from her 2 sisters, parvati, has remained in Asian country wherever all 3 ladies were born. She married during a associate exceedingly in a very marriage ceremony instead of through an organized wedding, however otherwise fills the standard role of associate Indian married woman. The third sister, Parma, has conjointly immigrated to America however lives on the opposite aspect of the country, in new jersey . Parma could be a well-known news anchor who conjointly runs a designer sari business on the aspect. All 3 sisters have benefitted from tremendous privilege, born into the elite caste in an exceedingly loaded metropolis family. Then, a secret drops itself into Tara’s lap- or onto her couch. She arrives home one afternoon to seek out a alien sitting with rabbi in her lounge. The man, st.christoperdey, addresses her as his auntie and explains that he’s padma’s illegitimate son, the merchandise of associate affair with a Christian man once padma was solely an adolescent. This revelation could be a bombshell: a toddler fathered by a person of a unique social caste, and a adolescent maternity are all sinful behavior to individuals of Tara’s Brahmin caste. This surprise leads town to replicate on her past and on the culture she was raised in with its strict prenuptial social codes to shield daughter’s virginities ad its equally rigid definition of makes ant honest Indian spouse .As she tries to uncover clues regarding Christopher’s parentage to work out if he’s telling the reality ,she reminisces regarding her growing up in metropolis, among lavish parties wherever she and her sisters would wear british style dresses and eat western hors d,oeuvres associated an education at a convent faculty wherever they were expected to find out good English , confidence ,and poise all three daughters had been expected to stick to their parents needs and become well groomed Indian wives , married to men of their own socio economic class and caste. Parfait however gaga whereas attending mount Holyoke and married for love later moving back Asian country together with her husband .now as town reveals , she is associate anxious girl who cleans obsessively , and her husband is depressed . the two are infested with a relentless stream of visiting relatives and barely relish a flash alone .a reluctant Annapurna provides help in Tara’s look for the reality .The boy’s presumably adoptive mother ,did meets with town however is evasive respondent her queries meanwhile town becomes alternately guilty and irritated together with her perspective nephew’s persistent presence . Meanwhile, Tara’s lover breaks up tougher with her and moves out of the living accommodations they’d shared eventually ,she finds that Christopher features a history of fraud and deception . however To find the reality she should confront Parma regarding her past . The events force town to confront the harsher aspects of her past and also the culture she raised in the end town decides to seek out her roots by travelling back to Asian country together with her son . the two move a path amidst mental imaginary that echoes that description employed in the story of the tree bride at the start of the novel town features a vision of kerosene lamps that once more echoes the gap scene and experiences a religious moment of surprise .