Natural resources are materials that occur within the natural surroundings with no actions of humanity. They include renewable resources and non-renewable resources. The depletion of either those natural resources is thanks to the usage of those resources being quicker than it may be replenished and this is often mostly done by human beings. A number of the natural resources that are undergoing depletion include, minerals, oil, forests, wetlands, water, wildlife, etc.

With the increasing population of humankind, Earth’s current total quantity of resources is unquestionably not enough for us to sustain in the long run. Every year, fifty five billion loads of biomass, fossil energy, metal and minerals are being extracted from the planet, and this number keeps increasing per annum (The World Counts, 2018). Humanity, has already dried-up multiple times the number of natural resources that are needed by Earth to be sustainable. The depletion of natural resources is the foremost horrifying issues of the planet up to now. Among the natural resources that are being used up quicker than we can replenish, the two fastest ones are water and fossil fuels.

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