Nowadays, people talk about plagiarism more often as it is becoming more and more problematic. Universal access to the internet allows you to quickly find the information you need, and this is a short way to take advantage of them. If we just read them and inspire them in our own work, then nothing happens. Remember, that such materials are the work of another person and if we allow ourselves to copy them we commit plagiarism, and this is already a crime. 
Plagiarism – …. However, there are many different interpretation of this word as people understand it differently. Some of them have no idea that there are also different types of plagiarism. For example, self plagiarism which is using your own work again without citing or accidental plagiarism is when you just neglect to cite the sources.
Plagiarism is every misappropriation – it does not matter its volume – whether it is one sentence, paragraph, or entire chapter. Some students have a misconception that the information founded on the internet is publicly owned and there is no need to provide their exact source. This is not true – the works published on the Internet can be used in university works only with full details about the author, the title of the work and date of publishing.