Oman Arab Bank has a powerful presence in Oman. It was established on first of October 1984 as a sealed joint stock company. The bank starts its operations after earning of Arab Bank branches in Jordan, since then the bank had been operating in Oman at 1973. It is simultaneously owned by Ominvest (Oman International Development and Investment Company) (51 %) and the Arab Bank Group (49 %). According the net revenue in 2011, It was the third enormous bank in the country. There are over 60 branches and offices of the bank across the country. Oman Arab Bank offer the Islamic finance sectors, exploitation banking and parting. The exploitation banking power, the exploitation Management Team, supply services in situation management, savings management, brokerage and examine. The Banking of Islamic arm, Al Yusr, which have been founded in 2013. It has assumed NCR’s Corporation (National Cash Register) system on its ATMs and banking mobile program and also online from 2015. In 2014, Ominvest declared that there was considering the feasibility of the premier IPO (initial public offering) of Oman Arab Bank. However, later it has been canceled due to unfavorable market situations. The bank offers a range of products and services in the area of retail banking, corporate and enterprise financing, investment and trade finance. The Bank has consistently achieved the highest return on equity over the past 25 years at an average rate of 20% per annum, which is the highest return in the global banking sector. Human resource on the other hand has a significant role in contributing to the success of the bank. The Bank aims to attract Omani cadres and prepare them for senior positions. Furthermore, to provide career expansion opportunities for the staff in all specialties in the bank. Therefore, to keep pace with the expectations of the Bank’s customers and meet their needs. To illustrate more about it, the essay will cover five main topics: staff motivation, employee training, methods of performance appraisal, leadership style and staff satisfaction.