On September 21, I attended an artist lecture at South Kedzie Hall with thekeynote speaker being Denise Gonzales Crisp. Gonzales Crisp is a designer andwriter, along with being a professor at North Carolina State University College ofDesign. Also, she is the author of ?Graphic Design in Context: Typography. ?My decisionto attend this lecture was kind of spur of the moment because I did not know it washappening until about 4 hours beforehand. But once I heard about it and realized thatshe was a graphic designer, I had immediate intrigue because I am studying graphicdesign and I wanted insight on the major from a professional. Especially because I amunsure and very curious about my major, I hoped that maybe hearing a renownedperson in the field speak on it would inspire me to tackle it head on or give me importantinformation that I had not yet known. As the lecture kicked off though, it did not flourishout the be what I expected, but this is not to say that it was bad however.It opened up with a graduate student here at Michigan State, the person Iassume organized the lecture, welcoming us and introducing the speaker. She had avery heartfelt and genuine dialogue about Denise Gonzales Crisp, as it turns out shewas her teacher in college.