One of the best known issues right now that are executing individuals, all around is smoking. Regardless of wide learning of the wellbeing comes about, smoking is normal all through the world. By far most of youths begin this propensity because of stress, individual issues, wretchedness, , weariness, and out of their advantage. The present examination went for feature the reasons for smoking among the young of age 18 to 25 years in Delhi. A cross-sectional examination was directed on 70 understudies to know their points of view as for the purposes for smoking propensity. A poll comprising statistic data, respondent smoking status, the explanations behind beginning and keeping smoking and mindfulness and assessment concerning smoking was utilized as a part of the present investigation. Dominant part of the respondents were non-smokers 41 (58.57%) and 29 (41.42%) smokers. Among the respondents, 30(73.17%) announced having never attempted or tried smoking and 11(26.82%) respondents had a go at smoking a few times. The outcomes demonstrated that 31.03% smokers concurred that they began smoking out of their advantage, 34.48% began on the grounds that they are depressed,34.28% smoked because of companion consolation. The reasons given for keeping smoking were a dependence, prominence or acclaim, peer impact, wretchedness, and delight. Each one of the respondents revealed that they know about inactive smoking and negative wellbeing effects of smoking. 78.57% respondents said that smoking ought to be disallowed.