Othello by william skakespeare
It is a great example of a text that was written hundreds of years ago,but with theames that can be applied to mordenday situations.It is one of shakespeare’s later plays and,in my opinion,one of his best.Although originaly based on a short story.Shakespeare did realy adapt it and make its his own.

Othello is a general in the service of venice.Iago is othello’s friend but then othello promoter michael.Cassio to the position of personal and iago is incredibly jealens.Iago begins an evil and malicions campaign against the hero.Othello elopes with desdemona but iago starts to plot against them.He confider in iago that he plans to poison desdemona.Plots and murders ensue and othello returns to the castle to kill his innocent wife eventually sumthering her to death.Emaila tells othello the truth about the scheming iago.

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I like that othello is brave and quite competent evan if towards the end his decision aren’t quite so rational and he acts on impulse.It is a great example of a text that was written hunderds of years ago,but with theams can be opplied to modern day situations.It is a difficult read and takes along time of get through so I would only recommed it to people who like classics and have a lot of patience.

I really like classics and enjoy shakespearean texts so I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would award it five stars.