Our school’s press, as well as the students who manage the disaster risk reduction play an important role in our school, and it is quite apparent. The students aim to reduce socio-economic vulnerabilities to disaster, they do this through an ethic of prevention. This does not only benefit us, students, but as well as the people in our community. The NOCNHS school press; Periscope, furnishes the students with the current events going about in our school campus. They gather, evaluate, and distribute facts that may be helpful for the students to expand their knowledge through certain topics. In most cases, they record events that have happened in the school, the current ones, and those on the pipeline.
If we talk about academic importance towards the students who are partaking in these organizations, we would say that, experience and educational aspects are one of these beneficial significances. There are a lot assets you can learn from joining both the disaster risk reduction management and the school press. First of all, the people who managed the disaster risk reduction themselves, could acquire numerous facts about proper disaster management. Through their training, or meetings, they could collect new info. Correcting what they thought they did wrong. Other than that, they could share their basic knowledge to help us handle ourselves through the disaster more calmly, and they can apply these to themselves too. When you join the school press; which is more academically active, you can enhance your ability in writing. Some people, have no confidence in their capabilities, holding themselves back from engaging in this certain activity. And this phenomenon is rather common, within our current society. A student’s self-esteem has a significant impact on almost everything what he/she does.