Part A
Do the right things- Deontology- Deontology theory shows that we are morally forced do things or live according to rules and principles irrespective of the outcome. When listened to Gekko speech he supports immorality, he is defending greed. He said ‘Greed is good, Greed work. There is absolutely nothing right about being greed. I believe that Kant would never agree with him. Kant believe that everyone should do what is right and what will make everyone benefits.
“ME, ME, ME!- Egoism”- Geek speech shows that he is egoist, he want everything for himself. He is encouraging that being selfish is a good thing. He does not see anything wrong when executive don’t care about middle managers who earn way less money after doing more work than those executives who earn more money after putting less afford. He is expressing psychological egoism which state that people they always do things according their self-interest even though they have resources to help others.
Fair’s Fair- Distributive Justice- It seems as Geek want everything for himself. He is making sound as if greed is the best thing. He said people should be “greed for life, for money, for love and knowledge”. Distributive Justice shows that people should get fair and equal opportunities irrespective of who are they are in society. This means people who work in that company should get equal benefits from the profit of the company, but now it’s only executive who benefits in the profit of the company, which is very unfair it shows inequality.

Part B
In my assignment 4 I have shown that I am against egoist egoism, which is what I did in this assignment so that make them comparable. In this assignment I’m against what Geek said on his speech. He said greed is a good thing and it make most of the company to be successful. I strong believe that there is absolute nothing good about greed because when people are greed they want more and more things they don’t care whether is coming through in a right way or not. Yet even though they won’t be get satisfied with what they have.

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