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Purpose of the study
The purpose of this study is to look for factors affecting non compliance rate with social security schemes so as to suggest ways that NSSA can adopt in order to improve compliance.
Significance of the study
The research is a requirement of Solusi University need by the student in completion of the BBA Accounting Degree. The research will also help the student in acquiring analytical skills which are important in decision making and also in solving problems both at school, workplace and in social life. Solusi University can also make the information available to other students who would want to do more researches and improve in their area of study. NSSA will also benefit from the research as they will come to understand some of the causes of non compliance and come up with strategic plans which will minimize non compliance and result in the firm gaining more income through contributions that will be made towards the scheme. There are some employees who visit NSSA when they retire only to find out that the employer was not contributing towards NSSA and had not registered its employees and therefore these will be minimized.