Phrase structure is the arrangement of words in a specific order based on the constraints of a specified language. This arrangement is based on some phrase structure rules or we can say according to the productions in context free grammar. The identification of the phrase structure can be done by breaking the specified natural language sentence into its constituents that may be lexical and phrasal categories. These phrase structures can be identified using parsing of the sentences which is nothing but syntactic analysis. This paper explains about the existing deep learning techniques for identification and classification of sentences.Natural Language is the mode of communication between humans. Humans interact with each other using a natural language by speech or text. We are surrounded by lot of data or texts that may be a web page, a document, an email or it can be even an sms. We speak to each other using a natural language which is more easier than text. The natural language that is understandable to humans can be also manipulated by a machine or a software which directs us to the broad field of Natural Language Processing. NLP is the ability of computer to process a natural language with the help of computer softwares.