Poe is an extremely unpredictable writer who adores to test and the poem “The Raven” is substantial evidence of Poe’s comprehension of images in widespread writing and his desire to investigate and have control upon words and mood. The redundancy of the word ‘nevermore’ comes to intensify the funeral poem that grieves the loss of the darling Lenore. The impacts the long vowels deliver are shuddering the readers heart. Ruler Byron himself tested the play upon sounds in his poems previously. Raven is the transformation of a disastrous love, a most loved image of death in numerous bits of writing from old occasions. The visual difference of a white bust like a phantom to the dull dark raven in a “disheartening” December, as in Dickens’ “Grim House”, fortify the tone of grieving a dear individual. In purpose of rhyme creation, the sonnet is completely founded on Elisabeth Barretts’ modern mood and rhyme of “Woman’s Geraldine Romance” lyric. The rhyme plot is ABCBBB. The substantial utilization of similar sounding word usage, “questioning marvelous dreams…” assumes tremendous job in the musicality of this wonderful story ballad of 18 stanzas in which each B line rhymes with the over the top “nevermore”.