Political polarization alludes to the cases in which a person’s position on a given issue, strategy, or individual will probably be entirely characterized by their relationship with a specific political gathering. It is when most of the general population included have moved far from one another towards the finishes of the range. It refers to the uniqueness of political states of mind to ideological extremes. It can allude to such dissimilarity inside certain bunches. Polarization happens when open supposition goes to two extremes and there’s no genuine center ground or moderates. When we are exceptionally partitioned and nobody is in the center of legislative issues, we are spellbound. Likewise, a man or an activity can be considered polarizing if it tends to incite outrageous responses in individuals. Individuals either take a far-right position, or a far-left position, and nobody takes the center or direct position.

Political Polarization has affected the Political Scene in the Philippines in so many way up until this day. Just like how we are forced into choosing a side, and were discouraged or not allowed to take the middle ground, the polarization grows and from the perspective of most Filipinos, the nation is being divided even further. One concrete example that is very evident is the continuous tension between the Liberals or the “Dilawans” against the Pro-administration or the “DDS” or “Die-hard Duterte Supporters”. This clash between the two sides, at times, provide clear advantages but most of the time, pose threat to the balance of the country and the state of the mindset and mentality of its citizens. Some of these advantages are, while there are extreme biases in their preferences and perspectives, we cannot change the fact that they are being too critical of each other. This, in turn, helps us to examine each of the sides’ icons and candidates for future purposes (e.g., elections, etc.) In line with this, we are giving more rooms for improvement for them so that they can serve more responsibly and with honor to the nation. Another thing is that, although this support often leads to blind fanaticisms, the use of more passionate and emotional speeches and forms of literature may help us form a stronger bond and a stronger country that will result from undying love, peace and camaraderie for the nation.

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However, on the side of the disadvantages, there are a lot of things to consider and to discuss. One of this is that, both sides are clearly instigating a fight between them. Thus, may result into a greater divide in nation. Philippines, geographically and even in political scene, is already divided into several pieces, and we cannot afford to just let these pieces be divided into even more slices. Another example of this polarization in politics in Philippines is when people are forced to vote “not corrupt” politicians. The standards that we have right now for a politician or a statesman became so low that most of the Filipinos are choosing the most famous out of all the candidates, or the most rich or powerful in terms of different factors. It’s either they are one of the richest, or a very good philanthropist, etc. Better candidates are being ignored just because they are being critical of the current administration, or that what they are doing is putting more burden on the masses.