Polysyndeton is the repetition of the conjunction or some other formal word before each following homogeneous part of the sentence. The repetition of conjunctions lends a definite rhythmical quality to the speeches. With the help of polysyndeton the politicians stress the simultaneousness of actions, or the close connection of the qualities or phenomena enumerated. Asyndeton is a connection between parts of sentences or between the sentences without any formal sign. Inversion is used for emphasis or to achieve a certain poetic effect. In the inverted sentence the reserved word is logically stressed. Stylistic inversion aims at attaching logical stress or additional emotional coloring to the surface meaning of the utterance. Therefore, a specific intonation pattern is the inevitable satellite of inversion. In public speaking stylistic inversion is used for emphasis or to achieve a certain poetic effect. Stylistic inversion is one of the most widely used syntactical devises in political speeches.Rhetoric question is a widely used expressive means too. It is an affirmative or negative statement in the form of the question. It is emotionally colored, it is distinct from an ordinary question which is asked to draw forth some information, the rhetoric question does not require any answer; it serves the purpose of calling the hearer’s attention to a particular point in the speech.