Pratiksha Thombre, Dr S G Makarande (2016) 8 The paper actively discuses about the seismal activity found in hilly area in north east India which affects the structure constructed on the hilly area. The construction in the hilly area shows the irregularity situated structure which are apparently damaged when seismic activity occurs and they may lead to cause lot of human disaster which affect the economic growth of the area. Then varying type of land and the asymmetric structure construction needs special design and analysis under the access of earthquake. The land area is varied from 0 degree to 50 degree of sloping ground which area comparatively studied under the STADD pro and Response spectrum method by using the codal criteria IS 1893-2002. The sloping effect of ground and the behaviour of structural frame is analysed considering the different columns which are of 5 in member. These are studied and analysed using response spectrum and the seismic parameters such as displacement of column is overall view with taking the behaviour of structure on sloping ground, the displacement is found to be same as the regular building and the value of the displacement gets lower as the slope increases due to curtailment of column as short columns attract more forces which undergoes severe damage.
Nawaraj Kapil, Karthik N M, Dr Rajendra S , Likhitha R,Vijay K (2016) 7 The study demonstrate the importance of soil- structure interaction and also about the construction of building on hilly areas because the demand caused by modern civilization and the effect caused by earthquake are described and recorded by investing the parametres. The structure choosen for the analysis will come under the earthquake prone zone i.e Sikkim which falls under zone-IV. The RC structure normally noticed the severe damage under earthquake. The considered structure for the study have the vertical irregularity which normally damages more than regular building. For modelling of the structure the codal features are considered i.e IS 456: 2000 for concrete and IS 1893: 2002 (part I) for seismic analysis. Soil- structure is carried and for modelling bearing capacity considered is 180 Kn/m2 for G+4 with the storey height of 3m. the structure is modelled using E-Tabs software and analysed for different seismic response and the parameters considered for seismal activities are calculated. When the analysis is carried for various parameters and compared with the base shear, displacement, overturning moment and also for storey drift caused by the vibration caused by the seismic activity.the study helps to say that the improve of stiffness in the structure by placing various types of bracings, the drift value are maximum at the ground level as well as the overturning moment also increases at the basement of the structure and story shear decreases when soil-structure interaction is not considered and therefore it is advisable to design the irregularity structure with response spectrum in the direction of irregularity.
Rahul Ghosh , Rama Debbarma (2017) 3, In this article, an anlaysis is made to evaluate the performance of set back building for seismic quantities with the open ground storey ie with the soft storey configuration. Now a days , the increase in the demand for the construction of building with aesthetical view and for special appearance with effective functionality of the buildings increase the construction on hilly regions. Analyisis of building in this paper are carried with both linear and non linear methods with equivalent seismic and response spectrum method by comparing the results for studying the behaviour of the structure. The different models are considered with the set back frame with bare frame on plain ground and also with open ground storey having softstorey effect is adopted and modelled using etabs software. The results in this paper are analysed based on base shear, storey stiffness, storey displacement, storey drift and thus seismal parameters conclude the seismic response of set back building which are resting on a plain or hilly grounds. The strong vulnerability has been observed in the open ground structure other than the building with infilled and other types and also in set back buildings, orthogonal moment is been recorded. The building with open ground structure also reflect the differential movement where taller side moves more than the shorter side which moves along with the direction of force by varied mass, stiffness and geometry of building and also slightly twisting effect is observed in this building. The columns in set back structure aat high level of slope shows higher bending moment and therefore use of reinforced concrete frame steel tube column sections over regular rc frame columns are preferred in this paper.