Princess Bellamy
Professor Johnson
English 1102
September 16, 2018
Pose Essay
The Theme of “A Worn Path” by Eudora Welty is a woman’s determination to save her grandchild regardless of the obstacles in front of her. Theme is the central or dominant idea of a piece of literature, made by the details and emphasis in the work itself. Eudora Welty tells the story of an African-American woman name Phoenix Jackson that shows courage, love, and perseverance regardless of serval different risky obstacles on the journey to find medication for her ill grandson. The theme of “A Worn Path” is no matter how many obstacles you may face never give up and there is always an opportunity for individuals who are determined.

Phoenix Jackson’s grandson suffered from an illness that would cause his throat to close and make it difficult to swallow. Phoenix Jackson and her grandson was the only family either of them had in the world. The sad reality made Phoenix Jackson determined to make the journey to get the medicine that would save his life. Despite the obstacles and difficulties Phoenix Jackson came across during her journey that did not stop her from getting to her destination.

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Phoenix Jackson faced many challenges- mother nature, racism, and aging- yet she never gave up on the task at hand. The story is filled with so much devotion and courage you would think Phoenix was a young woman fighting for her child’s life. She was a very old lady- in fact the story described her skin as “…has a pattern all in its own of numberless branching wrinkles.” Her age alone would make the world believe that she was unable to make it very far. The author provides interpretation by showing readers that Phoenix is faced with old age and loss of memory, in the story readers may assume to themselves that Phoenix grandson is dead due to her memory loss. As Phoenix Jackson arrive to town at the doctor’s office she had forgotten her purpose of being there until the nurse bring it to her attention “No, missy, he not dead, he just the same” that lets the reader know that there is still hope for Grandma Phoenix to save her grandson before it is too late. Phoenix Jackson did not let anyone, or anything stop her from completing her mission to bring medicine home to her grandson, despite the forces of nature and society any individual who endures in determination and love can make it to their destination.
The love ingrained in Phoenix Jackson heart for her grandson had given her more than multiple reasons to save her grandsons life. What a wonderful way for a person to show their love for an individual by risking their life for another, Phoenix had conquered all the odds that came against her by showing her everlasting love for her grandson. The theme in the story shows readers the determination and devotion she had for her grandson gave her the strength to keep on going while never giving up.