Problem Women have to face in Middle East
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Problem Women have to face in the Middle East
Women have suffered a lot of social, economic and political challenges in a bid to bring up an upright and just society. The movie Slumdog depicts the struggle women primarily from the lower society structure with little income face to ensure the ends meet. The essential social services such as health, education transport and communication infrastructure are inadequate. People continuously ask why people in India have to live in such deplorable environment despite the increasing effect of globalisation. However, the root of these challenges is the geography, culture and the religious belief of the community.
The most significant challenges the Middle East women face is poverty. Majority of the women are not empowered to develop their method of earning income. With the aid of the caste system, they believe, when born in a low-income family, the threat becomes the destiny of the family from generation to generation. Therefore, they do not seek to enhance their economic ability but instead, send their children to beg in the streets. Poverty denies the humanity it dignity and makes them slaves of rich. The Middle East women are mostly housewives with few who do blue collar jobs. In this regards few of them become enlightened. In the movie, the Slumdog, women are seen staying at home attending to the family or do ‘unclean ‘work such as cleaning the toilet. Needs. With the high level of poverty, nobody seems to care to address the issue.
The second challenge most women face in the Middle East is discrimination and exploitation. In this Women are discriminated because of their identity, and thus they are viewed to be less equal men. Kind of society where richness is seen as a blessing without regarding the means under which the wealth was acquired is also a significant challenge to women. Due to their status, Dalits who are poor people in the society are paid a minimal amount that cannot sustain them in a day. Women have to live from hand to mouth, and sometimes the finance become little that they have to borrow. The loan is then offered at exuberant interest that at the end make them slaves. Due to lower economic ability and limited finances, they have to send their children to scavenge for food in rubbish tips.

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For as healthy, the society that values the next generation, hygiene needs to be set as the priority. Women live in a society where a pile of rubbish is within the vicinity. Like in the Parvana, the working environment contradict International occupational health and safety standards. For instance drying the toilet with a bare hand, working in a sewer without gloves or protective wear exposes these people in continuous risk of contracting diseases. It is therefore not surprising that there is a high rate of natal and maternal death. It is also noteworthy that life expectancy is lower due to poor sanitation.

Lastly, Women in the Middle East become victims of the religious conflict. The Middle East has that embraced different religious inclination from Hinduism, Islam and Christianity when the members of these religious communities differ, women and children become the most affected lots. Women end up becoming widows or lose their children to the streets. For Instance in the Slumdog Movie, Jamal Losses her mother when the animosity between the Muslims and the Hindus increased and thus he had to live in the streets with his brother.

In conclusion, women in the Middle East face a lot of challenges which need to be addressed soon. The problems include poverty, Discrimination and exploitation by the rich, poor ecological sanitation and working environment and religious hatred. To solve the above issues, women in collaboration with the government empower themselves economically. The Middle East resident need to embrace diversity and justice so that they can live together in harmony.