Rameses ii- The Smartest Pharaoh Ever
Rameses 2nd was the pharaoh of Egypt whose reign was from 1291 to 1279 BCE. His main achievement and what he was remembered for was leading the Egyptian army against several enemies including the Hittites, Syrians, Libyans and Nubians. He expanded the Egyptian Empire and secured its borders against attackers, he represents change because he was a great military leader. Rameses 2nd is often regarded the most celebrated, powerful pharaoh to ever live.

Rameses 2nd represents change because during his long reign of 67 years, everything was done on a grand scale. No other Pharaoh constructed so many temples or erected so many colossal statues and obelisks. No other pharaoh parented so many children, Rameses 2nd victory over Hittites at Kadesh was celebrated in one of the most repeated Egyptian texts ever recorded. When his time came, he aged more than 90 years old, he had set his stamp firmly on the face of Egypt. Rameses 2nd was the first person to sing a peace treaty or silver treaty. Rameses 2nd is known as one of Egypt’s greatest leaders –nine further pharaohs tried to match his success by using his name. Rameses ii owned his reputation due to how many statues he erected, his military and he changed and added the inscriptions on previous pharaohs statues to make himself look better. This ensured that Rameses ii was worshipped as a god for centuries after his death.

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Rameses ii greatest achievements must have been his architectural endeavours, most recognisable the Ramesseum-63 and the temple of Abu Simbel. Rameses ii interest in architectural design resulted in Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs. A significant amount of architectural tributes given to Rameses ii still dominate the land scape of Egypt today. The Ramesseum is a memorial temple complex positioned close to Luxor even closer to Qurna. Although the Ramesseum is in the ruins now, it is still recognisable from the large pylon of Rameses ii inside which is useful as an Historical document.

www.Ancient-Egypt-online.comThe reign of Rameses ii was marked by numerous military battles and he became one of the famous Egyptian Pharaohs remembered for his Military power. Much of his reign was occupied with taking back land that was taken from them during the ruling of another Ancient Egyptian pharaoh most remarkable Akhenaton was preoccupied with establishing a religion. Rameses ii’s army was 100.000 men strong, enormous for that. In addition to his campaigns, they restored land to Egypt that previously lost to these empires. By forming peace treaties with theses empires after warning them, Rameses ii helped to solidify Egypt’s borders on all sides, allowing for increased internal stability. Many of these campaigns were completed in the first twenty years of Rameses ii reign.

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In conclusion Pharaoh Rameses ii made enough impact in his long life that his name and accomplishments survive today. He lived long enough to see his large building projects finished, was popular with all his people because of him being fearless in war and then finally brought lasting peace in his new inventions, the peace treaty and all his sings of greatness. I can’t imagine that much of our civilization will last more than 3000 years because we don’t have Pharaohs like Rameses who has such great power. Rameses ii was a great Pharaoh and I think he was a positive impact on Egypt.