Referring to the method above, Jose should evaluate on his option by start asking yourself some pertinent. It is sets up with establish your goals and measure for success. This introspection will definitely help you for set your objective on business and make settle on decisions to keep from veering off. Besides, Jose should ensure data information can be shared securely and efficiently. Nowadays, it is difficult to hear any organization sending over a group to physical area of another organization to look its book however it is consider utilizing a virtual room to look at other’s business reports safely. Next, Jose should to completely assess your liquidity and financial capability. It is important to evaluate your business to keep the liquidity of your profit and loss statements. Not forget to keep on capital structure, ensure that it can deal with the additional strain and responsibility. Moreover, Jose additionally should put assemble the ideal team in order to make a pool of experts in these areas of expertise. It is very important to keep the people who make up this group have the capacity to cooperate. Everyone should have the similar objective and experts to think cohesively and communicate constantly.