Financial literacy is the complex knowledge about the financial markets, about their structure, functions and management, about the participants of the market, their financial instruments, goods and services and the ability to use this knowledge on practice and make the right decisions and take the responsibility for them.

Financial literacy is the important factor which is able to make the individual a successful businessman. It is natural that the financial literacy depends on the country and the region of the company’s location and the businessman’s activity.

Every country has different approach towards the issues on finance and its components and the businessman who wants to succeed in business should learn about the elements of the whole financial structure to be able to operate facts professionally. The financial literary is the complex knowledge about the economic processes which can wait the entrepreneur on the market.

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Every smart person who is good at economics should be able to analyze the essential issues related with finance, like crises, the cause and effect of bankrupting, the structure and functioning of the financial institutions, the market structure, accounting, etc.

Financial Literacy

Furthermore, the issue embraces the questions on investing, capital markets, the problems on unemployment and the methodology to solve it well.

Financial literacy touches upon every point connected with finance and requires total knowledge about the norms and standards about the economic processes from the participants on the market. Financial literacy is taught in different ways: at high school, college, university, academic practice, training and development courses at work and finally the knowledge is developed on the workplace.

Financial literacy is the important topic which requires investigation and the student is supposed to deepen his knowledge into it and complete a good research proposal which would demonstrate the student’s ambitions and desire to reveal the problem from all sides.

The research proposal is supposed to possess a strict structure, logical presentation of information, the explanation of the purpose of writing and the major points on financial literacy. The student is obliged to research the core questions on the topic and share the methodology, sources and research approach towards writing.

The success of the proposal depends on the quality of the content and the ability of the student to convince the reader in his point of view and the choice of the topic for the observation.

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