‘Roses are red, violets are blue this is cheesy. I just want food.’ Am I the only one who gets butterflies? Not from my crush silly, from eating ‘GOOD’ food?
We are all food lovers who expect our food to always have that creamy, smokey and moist taste on our tongues however, some of us struggle to actually get our food to taste like this. It either comes out greasy or you just sprinkled in too much salt onto your roasted lamb.

No need to worry, your taste buds are in the hands of the ‘Food-Guru’
Here are simple ways on how to make sure your taste buds go off the rooftop:
1. Season with sugar. It enables your food to turn brown in order to accelerate your dish to taste better.
2. Keep your fats fresh such as butter, cheese and lard. Store it in the freezer to make it last longer.
3. Enhance flavours with herbs. This ensures that the dish will not taste unpleasant.
4. Ricotta cheese and buttermilk are the ultimate keys to creaminess. Add a small amount to your dish so that it does not look dried out.
5. Black tea: You can use 2 cups of black tea to tenderize your meat (steaks, chops, beef). It is basically used as a marinate.

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Make sure that your food looks good in & out is a great achievement. Not only should other people enjoy your food but you should too!

If you are interested in more cooking tips, feel free to ask me questions on my blogging website. (Above)

Remember people who like food in general and don’t make stupid comments about my eating habits are my favourite kind of people. Stay safe and don’t do bad food!

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