Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) subjects are at the heart of a very wide variety of jobs and professions. It focuses on advanced concepts and topics. STEM jobs are occupations based in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Under the track, you can become a Pilot, an Architect, an Astrophysicist, a Biologist, a Chemist, an Engineer, a Dentist, a Nutritionist, a Nurse, a Doctor and a lot more.
It offers Agriculture, Engineering, Health Care, Information Technology, Mathematics and Science, Earth Science & Environment etc.
According to Australia’s Chief Scientist 2016 Report on the state of the Australian STEM workforce, Australia’s size of science-based sector (share of economy) is 14% as compared to Italy (7%) Netherlands (10%) and UK (9%) “This demonstrates how much society relies on technology for economic development and prosperity”. STEM background are endless, “Almost every industry from retail, banking, fashion, healthcare, agriculture, to manufacturing has digital technology ate the forefront”, (Lloyd 2017).