Subsequently, after comparing the integration models of UK and France, I would correlate social and cultural dimensions of integration for both countries in detail. In case of social integration of immigrants, the quality of housing may be considered as an important parameter of gauging integration level which is essentially dependent on the economic situation of the immigrants such as employment condition and corresponding income level. In France, the immigrant’s families accounts for 8.4% of the whole household. Majority of immigrants are living in urban areas accounting for 92% due to availability of work opportunities in cities in comparison with French citizens (73%). On the other hand, British give a huge importance to access of proper housing for immigrants. But, after the world war II, the new immigrants which arrived in Britain lack proper housing. However, this situation was changed with the passage of time and in conformity with the census of 1991, immigrants were well characterized in housing pattern. On the other side of the picture, the ethnic minority remain in the worse condition in the context of housing quality.
It is often interpreted as lack of cultural integration if immigrants maintained a close relationship with their home country, which is a crucial factor for determining the cultural integration.