1. SSD(solid state drive) 256gb
2. MEMORY/RAM 16gb (DDR4)
3. CPU I5 or I7 (3.0GHz+)
4. SCREEN SIZE 24 Inch (preferred) + anti glare
5. GRAPHICS Integrated cards preferred(or 2gb of memory is a must have)
6. BATTERY 350 watt power supply
SSD: Smaller SSD is better than larger standard drive and saves time by opening/switching files faster
RAM: DDR4 RAM operates at a higher frequency and with 16gb ram system can run multiple softwares at a time without slowing down
CPU: Higher number of cores offer optimal speed and performance
SCREEN SIZE: Bigger and Anti-Glare screen is preferred to reduce eye strain
GRAPHICS: Integrated cards are better because in programming drives,ram and processor matter not the graphics card, but if integrated one is not good then one must have a 2gb of video memory
BATTERY: 350 watt power supply (because most of people like to work in silence and that might be a park bench)