Tamil Novel – Ne Varuvai Enna
Prema “Ne Varuvai enna” is the one of my favorite collections of novel. My grandma prescribed this book to read. I am not a well-versed in reading but it tempt me to read within 2days. ‘Ne Varuai Enna’-is the novel about the middle class girl who struggle in the life and how she handle the tragedy is the way how the author begins in the first stanza. Even though jothi father belongs to the rich family, they lead normal middle class life style. Aroma make them to feel fresh but unexpectedly his father met with an accident. He died. After the death of jothi ‘S father dead, his grandpa arrived and accepted jothi as his granddaughter but not his daughter in law. Days passes on. She lost his mother too. Jothi discontinued her studies because she was economically poor and has no resource to pay the fees. Her only resource was she got the rent and she repaired the home appliances and make use of the money for her life expenditure. Jothi joined the college as lateral entry and she was well determines women. She didn’t accept her ancestors property. Struggle for the amount to pay the college fees and asked help from his friend circle but She didn’t get any help. In the other hand, Sridhar need some help from the person. She has to act like his wife for just one day. The situation make them to feel trouble. Unexpectedly jothi help sridhar only for money because she need to pay her fees within one week. Sixth semester started, jothi and kayal eagerly waiting to begin their new epic FrI’m this year. Sridhar enter into the class as faculty and jothi stunned for the while. Then sridhar felt guilt about that incident and they both have conversation for 30-40 min. Then they decided to get married. Sridhar belong the class of rich but he lead the life as a simple man. Both family accepted their marriage .They both have healthy-relationship and have some understanding .After their marriage, they started their regular activities. Jothi’s father family is a joined family but she lived in nuclear family. Everything goes in well-mannered. Perfect lifestyle with the cup of coffee. Jothi was very innocent in nature and it make self-harm family to Accept her easier. On day sridhar felt I’ll. So, he was on sick leave So, the post graduate student who belong to jothi class arrived sridhar home to clarify their doubts and each person tried to hide the mystery of their marriage but unfortunately it broken into pieces and make aware of their relationship. In the other face of the mirror, jothi ‘s tried to convince her grandpa tried to change her vision but he couldn’t .One day she went to her home after a while to search her childhood memories and she got the note where her father paste the pictures of her and titled the incident below it. She was shocked because her father mentioned her name as ‘Jothi prakasham’.It was her father’s last wish that she wants to accept his family. She went to meet her brothers and uncle and they have lots of conversation which happened in the past and recollected their memories .They decided to announce everyone that jothi belong to their family and she was the only girl child after 3 generation in prakasham family. Their family was high class people among the society. Grandfather handover her properties to jothi but she refused to accept it. While seeing to the bond, within the fraction of minute she got freezed. Because the reason is she was the real owner of her college. The greater things happened and her life style was completely changed within a day. Sridhar get anger after knowing about that incident. Everything is fair and love in the world. Finally, the family was re-united and the grand father dream came true at last.