Technology and Distant education
Melbourne, in other words, the technological hub of Australia with top companies in the country including, many international firms like IBM, Microsoft, Intel etc. Melbourne is the leading destination with world top universities for international students with worlds top most universities. Victoria’s ICT industry is a substantial industry, generating large annual revenue for the nation and provide many job opportunities for the citizens and the immigrants. Many graduates are being produced from Melbourne any other city. Students attending any universities/ colleges has a great opportunity to access the latest technologies (“Technology | Study in Australia”, 2018). The state government of Victoria provide strong support for research and development for the competitive business environment.
To provide equality and improving standards of education variety of programs and courses for geographically isolated students. In Victoria, the distance education is offered either online or by correspondence through Distant Educational Center Victoria. Upon demand individual subjects/ courses/ or programs are being offered for students by DECV which is not available in their schools. Most modern facilities are supported by technology like virtual classroom electronic library resources and virtual classrooms are often provided for the better educational outcomes. These facilities allow students to engage themselves in discussions, listen to a lecture, access reading tools/ materials, consulting tutor assignment submissions etc. Apart from these various student support services like student counselling, academic advice and technical advice are offered by the institution for student excellence.
Public transport:
In Melbourne, public transport is the easiest mode of transportation to get around the city. On purchasing Myki smart card (Rechargeable) people can have flexible access on buses trains and tramps around the city. There are public transports available in 24/7 around the city. Bike sharing/ car sharing and taxi services are the other alternatives for the transportation. More details about the public transports are available from Public Transport Victoria or from City of Melbourne Travel Smart map, a handy pocket-sized street map.
Teaching in Australia:
Teaching requirements and method of class delivering vary according to the province. Classes are delivered in class /online by means of latest technologies. So it’s essential for HR to make sure the person hired is trained to meet the qualities and requirement. Also, teaching skills are to be assessed by the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership. Again, the rate of pay for the instructors also varies according to the provinces/ territories in Australia. A new teacher can earn between $65,608 and $69,000 (around £40,000 and £42,000) depending on which state you teach in Australian colleges(“Teaching in Australia: Everything you need to know”, 2018). The academic session is divided into four terms
Term 1 – late January to Easter (two weeks’ holiday)
Term 2 – Easter to late June (two weeks’ holiday)
Term 3 – early July to late September (two weeks’ holiday)
Term 4 – early October to late December (five weeks’ holiday)

Since 1980s air quality has been improved in Austrailia as compared to other cities. Currently, particle pollution is one needing more attention. On recruiting a person its necessary to inform to be cautious about if they are allergic. According to the comparison made by Numbeo the pollution is very low and is similar to Canada. (Living, 2018)
Figure 2:

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Figure 2; Australia, C., & Melbourne, T. (2018). Pollution Comparison Between Thunder Bay, Canada And Melbourne, Australia. Retrieved 3 April 2018, from

Technological Availability:
Australia is mainly known for adapting to modern technologies, they are one of the main spenders on technological research and development. Classrooms and lecture halls are well equipped with most available technologies with laptops and internet. For successful career development of the student, Australian colleges and universities provide better research platforms with all required technological resources. In addition, the country itself has made huge investments in stimulating researchers for the Australian economy and scientific innovations. For young and promising professionals it’s an opportunity for developing careers and a bright future with various opportunities. (“Technology | Study in Australia”, 2018). On meeting challenges any person for the job its necessary for providing training for the person hired to get familiar with the technologies that are being used for tutoring in Australia. The professors will be getting strong environmental support including academic support, technical support, level of faculty involvement for decision making.
Faculty evaluation:
In Thunder Bay campus rating of professors are done by conducting online surveys and feedback from students regarding the teaching quality experienced by the students. In Australia, faculty evaluation is similar to that of in confederation college with certain evaluating instruments(“Evaluation of teaching: Education at UWA: The University of Western Australia”, 2018)
Student participation in teaching (SPOT): Students are requested to provide a review about their instructors about their teaching quality on each session.
Student unit reflective feedback (SURF): It’s the tool developed by universities for a rating of units.
On Supervision Candidature And Research (OSCAR). This survey provides the student to rate their postgraduate experience for past twelve months.