Driving needs focus and maximum attention. Distracted driving affects all drivers from time to time which can result into serious consequences. Reckless driving do not affect drivers the same. Some take more risks and pay less attention to road increasing their risk for disaster despite knowing how small distractions can hinder one’ ability to drive causing major threats on roads.
Texting while driving is considered dangerous resulting to serious fatal accidents and injuries. Texting has grown to be one of the biggest means of communication among people while in fact, some of these texts are sent from behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. Due to increasing number of accidents, most countries have enforced legal measures to eliminate this endemic problem. It is important to create awareness that illegal act of text messaging while driving do not only cause distracted driving but also dangerous behavior that reduces driver attentiveness and focus on roads possibly succumbing into severe consequences.
Reasons can vary upon which an individual would text while behind the wheel but some, could be due to its convenience, time and cost saving. Increasing number of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatsApp, LinkedIn are also among major causes. It is common to see a person entirely indulged in their device, such as cell phones and tablets checking emails, text message or in other social platforms mentioned earlier. Progression of text messaging as an ideal choice of communication in the society, people have become so absorbed on their devices that it has become an everyday incident to slip in their daily routines including driving.
Texting while driving has various effects which includes abstracted driving. Abstracted driving has been leading causes of car accidents with the majority ending with fetal results. Texting while driving is the pits of all driver distraction because it concurrently uses visual, cognitive and physical recognition. In 2014, the National Highway Traffic Safety Association announced approximately 10% of the total 32,675 people who died on United States highways was due to distracted driving, while over 400,000 were injured in a distracted driving incident. One reason for distracted driving is the use of one’s cell phone during driving. Study shows that, teenager drivers are more prone to distracted driving to adult drivers since one of the prominent forms of communication among young generation is text messaging Among other causes. Texting while driving is the nastiest distraction for any driver as both require full attention which eventually driving suffers due to lack of driver’s ability to focus on the road