The art of tattooing holds immense cultural importance to Samoa and the tatau (traditional full body tattoo) is a significant mark of Samoan identity. Tattooing in Samoa was never abandoned as it had been on many other Polynesian lands. The act of tattooing is highly respected in Samoa. The Samoan tatau is believed to have been introduced by the twin sisters who came along the shore with skills and knowledge of tattooing. This traditional process is considered an honor to the one receiving the tatau. The word tatau originates from the tapping sounds of the tool made during tattooing. The design and art of the tatau has a history and deep meanings behind them. In addition, it could represent remarkable events a person concern: acts of bravery in war or a new chief to a village. However, when deciding whether to get a tattoo or not, it is important to look back in time. Discovering where the art form came from or why it began can be helpful not only in the early decision process, but also in choosing the tattoo itself.