The global business environment is characterised by rapidly changing requirements that are increasing intricacy of doing business and rising the level of competitiveness (Hernaus, 2011). The managing and innovation become increasingly arduous as intricacy increases (Decision Innovation, 2017). Maintaining a current situation is no longer an option, on the contrary, the organisational ability to change has become an essential thing. In order to take advantage of those that might benefit the organisations, management should be aware of the major trends in international businesses. Organisations can take advantage by changing the environment to create a niche for the company as the international markets are broadening speedily. Therefore, innovation is one of the trends that organisation should be aware of (Markgraf, 2018). Besides, business innovation has been linked to overall growth and technological advancements in an assortment of industries. This is partly because the tangible that how innovation change a company operates internally as well as how it interacts externally with customers and other businesses.
In order to create a context which would stimulate the envelopment of both theory and practice, an in-depth theoretical research will be conducted. This report aims to use contemporary examples of business practice from the research, together with analytical models, conceptual frames and management theory from three topics which are organisation culture, leadership, and diversity.
This report can be divided into four-part. Firstly, this report will discuss the importance of innovation in this contemporary business environment. Second is provides specific examples of innovation bringing change and success to organisation simultaneously discuss how the organisation conducts innovation and links to three topics. Moreover, also discuss the challenges will face by organisation when conduct innovation. Next, it will analyze and discuss the research methods conduct within this report. The last area is talking about the methods on how organisation can do to manage the innovation and change effectively.