The human appendix
By: Aidan

What’s a appendix?
An appendix is an organ located at the right lower abdomen. No knows what the appendix does. some theories say that helps reset the digestive system after certain stomach illnesses but other people say its just leftovers from our evolution. The appendix looks like worm that is attached where the small intestine and the big intestine met up and is about four inches long.

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Why are appendices sometimes removed?
Appendices are sometimes removed because You can get a appendicitis were the appendix get inflamed, it will explode and spill out infectious liquid in to the stomach it can deadly and has to be treated with antibiotics.

How are appendices removed?
There are two ways appendices are removed. First is the open appendectomy were the surgeons make one big incision into the right side of your abdomen. The appendix is removed and the big incision is closed with stitches. The open appendectomy is the better opinion for people that have had abdominal surgery in the past or if the appendix has ruptured completely and has started infections to the other organs. The second way to remove an appendix is the laparoscopic appendectomy which is what my surgeons did to me. First the surgeons make three incisions, Then the grab a cannula (a cannula is a small tube used to fill you up with carbon dioxide gas so the surgeons can see more clearly) and insert it into one of the incisions. After the surgeons grab another tube with a camera called a laparoscope and put in another incision. The laparoscope is used to find the appendix and help guide the surgical instruments used to remove the appendix. The surgeons then clean,close and dress the incisions. The laparoscopic appendectomy is recommended for older people or people that are overweight. It has less health risks then a open appendectomy and has a shorter recovery time.

What are the symptoms of appendicitis?
The symptoms for a appendicitis are:
stomach pain
abdominal swelling
rigid abdominal muscles
constipation or diarrhea
loss of appetite
low-grade fever
My personal experience
When I had my appendicitis it was around march and me and my family just ate big meal and I felt like I ate too much and my stomach hurt. Then I went to bed and I couldn’t sleep and because it still hurt so my parents give me some medicine and sent me back to bed. Finally I started sleeping at 2:00am when the medicine started to kick in. then I woke up and went to school and STILL hurt but I it didn’t hurt that much and I could still work so I worked all day and then went home. Then after a few day of fighting the pain my stomach still hurt and my parents were getting worried so I took a day off of school and went the hospital with my mom. My mom told the doctor my symptoms and the doctor said it might a appendicitis and I was a bit worried. After that the doctors did a blood test to see if I had a appendicitis and they also told me to pee in a cup. Then the doctors told I can a ultrasound when the doctors rub this gel on your stomach and somehow use sound waves to detect organs in your body. They couldn’t find anything but then the surgeons looked over the footage and found it. So then the surgeons scheduled a surgery later that afternoon. A few hours later the surgery was done and my appendix was out! And that’s how I got an appendicitis.