The need of having to look a certain way and act a certain way in beauty pageants only makes a woman either self-centered or insecure. Beauty contest have extreme measurements as to how far children’s parents and young women would go to look prettier and look better just so they can win and feel confident. That’s a big issue especially for younger children who compete which causes them to think they have to look a certain way to be accepted in society. It teaches young girls that it’s okay to be judged on their beauty, personality, and the way they dress. The way I see it is that beauty pageants are looked upon as way to entertain the media. A competition to win money and a scholarship based on whose more talent ad prettier.

A lot of contestants run the risk of being hung up on the beauty part of the pageant that they become self-centered, judgmental, and even put down other female contestants just to feel good about themselves. They also become overconfident from all the attention and positive praise people shower them with, which leads to them failing to develop good qualities. It also makes the contestants and viewers feel insecure and depressed. Not only that but there’s been many contestants who have health issues like developing an eating disorder.

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There’s has been many problems and concerns about beauty pageants for toddlers

Skinny women who appear to have perfect teeth, skin, and bodies is a lot of pressure because the only women who look like that or make it seem to look like that are in magazines, televisions, and movies. When young girls participate in beauty pageants, they will most likely become depressed and have low self-esteem as adults. Moreover, that image stays with little girls as they mature because they grow up with the idea that they should continue to look like perfect women. It is emotionally and physically unhealthy to try and uphold an image that others have created. It is possible that the women who participated as children grow up to feel less than satisfied with their appearances. Young girls should grow up to feel secure and confident, not damage one self’s image, but beauty pageants ruin that for children and young women to believe they are not pretty enough to compete or good enough to win.