The poet laments the pitiful plight of the Indians and in a way unveils the state of people of were now downtrodden. They were in the clutches of the cruel British rule. Tagore expresses his vision of the characteristics of a glorious country. In a way this is his Utopia. He dwells on the theme of not only political freedom, but also spiritual freedom, freedom of mind, speech, beliefs, practices and thought. He wants to bring forth the uselessness of blind faith and strongly comments on the role of logical reasoning in the prosperity of our country. In this poem written in pre-independence days, the poet skilfully writes about a blissful heaven where people of his country will be free from prejudices and not fragmented by narrow walls. He sketches a moving picture of the nation he would like India to be a nation within the fold of brotherhood, a nation having no apprehensions and no fear of oppression. The poem is a reflection of the poet’s utmost faith in God to whom he pleads to guide his countrymen.