The recent census uncovers that gaining a gigantic amount of education from an institution is immensely important, In regards with making more finances contrasted with community with no scholastic experience. This study was finished by the United states bureau of labor which concluded that someone with degree of four years will earn twenty thousand and seven hundred forty eight more, than someone without academic experience. The current population report summarized that senior school diploma holder will make 1.2 million and others with degree will make 2.1 million by sacrificing their lifetime. So, the advanced education influences greater effect to become more fruitful and productive in the field you are more expertized with, but with the secondary education as well as the knowledge of that specific field that makes you a perfect candidate to handle the work. So, the whole article revolves around the comparison between senior high schooling with graduation. At last, from the above content the certain ratio of studying teenagers in secondary school is extra financially convenient correlate with the scholars who stop doing study after their convocation.