The story begins on a bright day when Noah wakes up next to his noisy alarm, he started he’s average day of by getting ready for school, having breakfast and saying goodbye to his family. During the day Noah was approached by one of the school bullies, the bully mentioned to Noah again that he owed him ten dollars and if he wouldn’t return the money the bully would beat him up and would turn him into mincemeat. Noah desperately pleased that the bully would release him and that he would pay him back eventually so the bully felt remorseful for the kid and let him go.
Later on Noah and one of his friends got caught up in the same situation where they promised that they would buy for Noah bottled ice tea and they didn’t, in anger Noah slapped his friend cross the cheek leaving him to run off in tears. Eventually karma got back to Noah because when Noah’s bully heard the story he pinned him down on the ground without any hesitations and started beating him while asking him why he didn’t do the same thing that he did. Noah got back home with bruises but got taught a valuable life lesson that he followed for the rest of his life.