This conceptual framework describes the development of YouTube as one of the advertising companies in the Philippines. Filipino YouTubers create video content about lifestyle, beauty, entertainment, and product reviews. Paragraph 1.1 focuses on the behavior of the Humanities and Social Sciences students of San Sebastian College- Recoletos de Cavite on YouTube. Meanwhile, Paragraph 1.2 discusses the influences of the YouTubers to the buying behavior of the Humanities and Social Sciences students of SSC-RdC and Paragraph 1.3 targets the awareness brought by the YouTubers themselves to their audience.
YouTubers change the mindset of their audience in their perception of purchasing decision by convincing them to buy the certain product that they are promoting. Thus, the YouTubers also help the companies in giving honest reviews in their products.

1.2 Influences of YouTubers to the future media practitioners
Humanities and Social Sciences students can become the future media practitioners in the Philippines because some of them might take up AB Communication as their degree program in college. Being in front of the camera, brands and creators collaborate for branded and unbranded content endorsements on YouTube.

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